• Develop IT policy & strategy to ensure that technology meets the business needs.
  • Based on customer requirements, IT infrastructure design.
  • Business continuity & Disaster recovery plan.
  • Conduct assessments & auditing to better understand your IT environment.

IT managed services

  • Server hardware and parts management with SLA.  Provide server replacement with SLA.
  • Proactive system maintenance to keep systems operating system up to date.
  • Security of systems against cyber attacks & vulnerabilities.
  • System backups and restoration.

IT Infrastructure

  • Virtualisation technology & cloud solutions.
  • Hyper-convergence, HA Clusters, replication & redundant systems.
  • Storage Technology hardware or software defined.
  • Networking and VLAN management.
  • Inbound and outbound packet filtering through firewall.
  • Onpremise and offsite backups and restoration.

System Integration

  • Linux systems: Mail, DNS, Web, Database server, VPN & Proxy
  • Open source software technology
  • On-premise server installation 
  • Windows server management Domain Controller, Active directory, SQL Server
  • System security & Firewall
  • Hosting & Office365
  • Mobile Applications