Virtual servers

Dedicated servers

Domain Names

  • We offer domain name registration through our web partner OVH for all domain type.
  • Top level domain or TLD: .com, .org, and .net. + .biz, .club, .info, .agency, and many more
  • Country code top-level domain or ccTLD


  • Discover hosted plan dns, web and mail solutions
  • Manage website and email accounts through secure control panel.
  • Secure TLS/SSL connections 
  • Protect your website through Let'sencrypt 
  • Manage website databases securely
  • Shared and dedicated hosting available

Virtual & Dedicated servers

  • VM Linux & Windows are available on our cluster servers.
  • Dedicated server for performance or extensive application.
  • VM plan based vCPU, Memory, HD and Bandwidth
  • Be hassle free with our managed VM solutions
  • Fast and reliable network
  • High availability and redundant
  • Automatic backups