Server & Storage Systems

Depending on client requirements, we can offer customised hardware and solutions whether it is a Data center project, High Performance Computing, Big Data Storage or even a SMB/SME project. Our range of products includes corporate servers, Storage Systems for NAS & SAN, Network devices and Backup solutions.

Our Server Systems are built with Intel® Xeon® Processor Family that bring performance into a low-power high performance computing. The servers can be used to build high-end cluster servers and storage with virtualisation technology.

Nowaday’s storage systems have a big challenge to overcome in terms of exponential increase of data volume but also need to cater for a wider range of data storage and services. The most important is to have business continuity.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with new ways of storing data whether it is block, file and object data storage. We provide customised storage servers (SAN/NAS) based on client requirements.