Server and IT Solutions

At Netstar Solutions, we provide consultancy and help develop strategies for a relisient IT Infrastructure and system. Moreover, since system monitoring and administration is a critical aspect to the successful operations of most businesses, we have on-site and remotes solutions to manage and maintain IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, I.T Security is the most important aspect of your desktops, servers, networks and data environment. Securing your servers and networks infrastruture is our priority.

Server installations represent our core business. We have installed clusters of servers with high availability and replication supports either on data centers or on-premises in hybrid environments like Linux & Open Source softwares and Microsoft.

Our solutions are based on the following technologies:

  • Linux and Open source softwares for all Linux based solutions.
  • Microsoft Windows server for application and file server.
  • Microsoft Hyper V server for Windows based Virtualisation.
  • Proxmox VE as high availability & replicated cluster (KVM, LXC).
  • Soffware defined storage with: DRBD9, Ceph, NFS, ZFS