About Us

Created in 2003, Netstar Solutions Limited is an system integration service provider. Our goal is to provide reliable, fast and efficient quality of services and products to our clients. We act as a consultant and system integrator for our clients mainly in Linux and open source softwares. Netstar Solutions Ltd provides its clients with all possible IT solutions for them to choose that best suit their needs, requirements, the existing environment and infrastructure.

At Netstar Solutions Ltd, we have already integrated a large variety of Internet and web applications, Databases, security and firewall appliances and Monitoring solutions mainly based on Linux, Open Source Software and third party software (including proprietary).

We have enlarged our range of products and services by always adopting new technologies like Server Virtualisation Infrastructure and cloud solutions. Moreover, since 2010, we provides our customers with Supermicro brand servers, SAN & NAS as hardware infrastructure. We work mainly with Proxmox VE which a complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization. KVM are used for virtual machines (for windows Linux and solaris environments) and LXC for Linux containers. With Proxmox VE, we have successfully conducted multiple projects based on high-availability cluster and real-time replications.

To have business continuity and reliable data storage, we have implemented software defined storage to cater exponential increase in business data volume. We have implemented DRBD, Ceph RBD, NFS and ZFS as storage technology.

Since 2015, we extended our services to Microsoft Hyper V virtualisation for clients whose IT infrastructure is on Microsoft Windows environment. Moreover, we also provide Microsoft Windows server installation and configuration for application, file and exchange servers.

Furthermore, web & mail hosting services, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers are also available at our data centers found in England, France, New Zealand and USA together with website development. We also provide Office 365 mail services and migrations.

Netstar Solutions Ltd has also made strategic alliances with both its local and international Partners to better serve its clients. Netstar Solutions Ltd is the official partner with Endian SRL and Proxmox virtualisation technologies.